Che'lisa & Tim are the Jumper Cables of the Human Soul!

"We absolutely LOVE Che’lisa and Tim.  Their conSOULtation services were invaluable to us during a critical time in our lives – after we experienced the death of a child.  These two surrounded us in uplifting energy and support, introducing us to new thought processes that helped us to reframe our experience and turn it into one that became an inspirational behind all that we do. 

Somehow, they created a space for us to share our path without judgment OR feeling sorry for us, and helped us move out of a place of stuck energy into envisioning a positive new future that included more joy than ever.  Out of these con-SOUL-tations, and the empowering new thought processes that stemmed from them, we created the basic imaginal outline which became a company in tribute to our son:  Trupublishing.com.   Through this experience, our company has allowed not only his legacy to live on, but also serves others in their desire to share their legacies as well.   As an added bonus, Tru Publishing serves an international clientele in what has become an incredibly joyful and thriving company.   
A separate time I was feeling personally “stuck”, I con-SOUL-ted with Che’lisa and Tim once again.  I was feeling a tremendous pull to share healing knowledge with the world and out of many rounds of discussions and encouragement, I finally “birthed” my website NaturalGirlDiary.com, which went on to be recognized by PBS Parents and other national media.  Most importantly, I’ve been able to help many people through this vehicle, which was my heart’s desire all along.

I always receive tremendous clarity from Tim and Che’lisa.  Time spent with them is never wasted time.  It’s uplifting, mind-altering, and creates tremendous SOUL shifts -that’s why I refer to them as the jumper cables of the human soul!  If you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend conSOULting sessions with them.  Prepare to have your reality shifted and your soul lifted!"  Stephanie M.   Idaho, USA



"Words are difficult to find when it comes to defining the impact that Che’lisa and Tim have had on me in this life’s journey. These two beings have been joined together to create the “dynamic duo” in co-creative consciousness. They have been my immediate partners and tutors in the realm of my expanded awareness. Their in depth understandings of the “mind, body, spirit” trifecta, and their ability to apply these understandings to life in this time space reality are a powerful combination. There are two words that best describe these two: passion and compassion. I give them with great love, my highest recommendations." Steve C.   Iowa, USA


When I think of how Che'lisa & Tim have impacted my life I honestly can't think of One word to say.  I have far to many to list them all.  The woman I have become with the coaching I have received from them I truly LOVE.  They have helped me understand myself, who I want to be and have walked me through how to get there in a place of JOY.  Being so thankful that the universe brought them together to create an amazing SOUL journey that they are willing share with others to help them achieve what they are searching for in life.  I have been able to understand that the continuous "Circle of Comfort" which I was mindlessly staying in was not serving me.  I have been able to step outside of that circle and experience life like I never thought I could.  These two beings will change your life in ways you never thought were attainable.  Making the decision to ask for their guidance will be the best thing you can do for yourself.  Much love and gratitude to Che'lisa & Tim.

Kareena H.   Colorado, USA


SOUL:  Inside and out exploring with Che Lisa Corey.

If I truly want to connect to my soul purpose and what I am truly

here to do ,then sign in please.  Be ready for THE BIG RIDE 

No more stories !  Just about you and you stepping up to your 

Divine Assignment .  There is no turning back for this Goddess

I am in and on the journey with Che and could not be happier  

Mary M. Regnier  Strategist to Your New World 
Minnesota, USA


If your looking for a coach that will take you to the next level in terms of relationships look no further than Chelisa! She isn't your typical coach so the results she gets are remarkable. She implements everything she's studied & applied to her own life to help you go in and figure out your own stuff, after all it's never outside of ourselves. The process is unlike anything you've tried before but it's absolutely transformational. Law of attraction is the beginning but she goes so much deeper. I'd recommend her for anyone looking to take their situation to a better place.
Erin W.


"Che is a phenomenal coach! She has helped me in so many ways. I feel she is very empowering, pointing out new ways of looking at issues. She has helped bring healing to me on several problem areas in my life, and it was magnificent how everything unfolded so beautifully! I feel so privileged to have her as part of my life!"  LL from Chandler, Arizona