1 Hour Soul-Coaching
With Che'lisa OR Tim    
$77/hr  $333/5hrs
$99/hr for Che'lisa AND Tim
Email Support Included

Start seeing the world differently TODAY... and all the pieces will fall into place

Four-hour Foundational Food Coaching
 Have you Ever felt overwhelmed when you finally Knew it was time to change your dietary
habits?  This service has always been one of the most Fun and Exciting of them all.  We will come in and overhaul  your pantry and refrigerator, take out the items that do not serve your New desire for Health and take you shopping for their Healthy replacements.  Navigating a Healthy grocery store can be a lesson in and of itself.

We will make 2 Fantastic Food dishes that you can use throughout the week that will become staples for many of your meals. We will leave you with many recipes for you to consider for your weekly lunches at work, recipes you can make in advance over the weekend.
This has made a difference with many of our clients to a Healthier Lifestyle that created New patterns and takes out the hours of trying to figure out where to start....Start with this 4 hours and be leaps ahead of everyone else!!

Four Hundred Dollars for the Four-hours

Live-In Total Life-Style Make-Over... 
...Is an opportunity to come into harmony and resonance with your life under the personal mentoring and co-habitation of Che'lisa and Tim in the privacy of your own home. We will; cook together, eat together, clean together, exercise together, relax together, play together, shop together... and sleep apart! And in that sharing, you will be infected with the harmony of that which is us. You will learn any combination of:
  1. Diet and Nutrition
  2. Food Preparation 
  3. Healthy Grocery Store Navigation
  4. Refrigerator and Pantry Make-Over
  5. Personal-Care Product Assessment
  6. Exercise including Yoga
  7. Working with the Mind
  8. Exploring your Spirituality
  9. Understanding Your Body
  10. Realizing Relationships
  11. Wealth Wisdom
 Minimum of 3 Days, Pricing is Custom Tailored....
*All dependent upon the number of days committed to.

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